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Finance Application

Speak to us about easily arranging your Finance and Insurance. We are here to handle your queries or even offer product advice. To make your vehicle purchasing experience smoother, ensure that you have the following documents available:

  1. Employment details
  2. Banking details
  3. Home ownership details
  4. Personal information
  5. Valid ID or Passport number
  6. Spouse's details
  7. Contact information for a relative
  8. Insurance details
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We are affiliated with reputable financial institutions.


There are insurance options readily available to you.

Additional Services

Take advantage of our value-added products, like motor plans and extended warranties.

Expert Advice

Our professional and qualified team will advise you on the best options for you.


All your information and applications are treated with the utmost privacy.

Why use Fiat East Rand for your vehicle finance and insurance? 
  1. We use a variety of authorised financial providers to find a deal that is best for you.
  2. We get multiple quotes for insurance to find you the best option.
  3. We provide a wide selection of value-added products to keep you protected and on the road.
  4. Our experienced staff are professional and fully trained in F&I solutions. 
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