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Fiat History

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer based in Turin. Fiat has been around for more than a century and has a long history. It has also manufactured railway engines and carriages, military vehicles, and aircraft. As of 2009, the Fiat group was the world's ninth largest car maker and the larges tin Italy.

Giovanni Agnelli founded Fiat in 1899 with several investors and led the company until his death in 1945. In 1903, Fiat produced its first truck. By 1910, Fiat was the largest automotive company in Italy — a position it has retained since. Fiat made military machinery and vehicles during World War II for the Army.

Today, following a change in corporate culture and approach, the name Fiat still stands proud, and not only on account of the cars they produce– cars with striking styling and exciting engines, cars that are accessible and improve the quality of everyday life – but also on account of their legacy and tradition.

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